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(Concert with Poems on the Underground - London, October 2004)

" It was a treat to hear veteran clarinettist Ian Herbert in Finzi’s Concerto for Clarinet and Strings... such a warm and wistful rendition fitted snugly into the programme. And to finish the evening? Britten and Auden’s half-hilarious, half-inspirational Night Mail, a 1930s tribute to the Royal Mail train to Scotland — played and recited with thrilling fervour." The Times (4 stars)

(Concert with Poems on the Underground - London, October 2004)

" ...an extraordinarily interesting and stimulating evening..." Musical Opinion

(Bach Mass in B minor)

"It is much to the credit of David Chernaik...that he appeared to understand Bach's subtleties to the full. This was a performance of considerable musical insight and stature, one which would not be hurried but never dragged; the choice of inter-related tempi was wholly admirable..." Musical Opinion

(Goyescas - London, April 2002)

"...this heroic undertaking was blessed with remarkable success...Chernaik was highly successful in evoking sensitive, imaginative playing from his players..." Zarzuela!

" David Chernaik conducted this performance...with some verve, his orchestra wallowing in the rather gorgeous textures of the music...Chernaik has a knack for unearthing winners... " The Times

"Given the popularity of the piano suite Goyescas, it is perhaps surprising that the opera fashioned from it has never enjoyed comparable success...The concert performance by the Apollo Chamber Orchestra under David Chernaik at St John's, Smith Square, was all the more welcome, allowing us to savour the opera's beauties... under Chernaik's direction, the choral and orchestral forces succeeded in communicating the exuberance of the scene, as they did in the rollicking rhythms of the opening tableau." Evening Standard

(L'amore industrioso – London, June 2000)

"That the opera is so enjoyable...is due to the conductor David Chernaik...he guides his singers and his Apollo Chamber Orchestra with perfect tempi and tact." Times Literary Supplement

"...conducted with real flair and flexibility by David Chernaik" Musicweb

(L'amore industrioso – London, April 2001)

“The cast worked off one another brilliantly,…The audience went away with a spring in the step." The Times

“The conductor, David Chernaik, rediscovered this high-spirited tale of class, marriage and money in the Ajuda Palace Library, Lisbon, together with another 10 operas by the same composer…Carvalho’s effervescent score, given a zestful reading by orchestra and cast, is full of surprise…" The Observer

“David Chernaik, who discovered and now conducts the opera, directs the bustling, fluent overture with panache, and indeed throughout the work he injects the music with all the necessary fizz, never allowing it to drag…the opera's scurrilous action comes across very nicely and its high spirits are more than maintained by the polished, sensitive and rhythmically crisp orchestral playing as well as by the singers." Musicweb