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The Apollo Chamber Orchestra is the  orchestra of Apollo Music Projects, a registered charity which runs the innovative Apollo schools projects. For full information please visit www.apollomusicprojects.org. Contact info@ apollomusicprojects.org for further information. (extra space inserted after @ to stop automatic spam).
Charity Registered in England & Wales, Charity No. 1124784
Company limited by Guarantee, Company No. 6585879

Registered Address: 43 Clifden Rd, London E5 0LL

"This project gave the children a unique opportunity to get to know different instrument families, how they make sound, how music works, tells a story, how musicians play together and many other fundamental things about music. The majority of the children probably wouldn't have this sort of experience otherwise."

"Presentation of the music was absolutely fantastic in many ways. It was almost like analysing a story part by part. They've seen/heard each setting and scene as well as the whole picture/story"

"I have been highly impressed with this music programme and would recommend it to any other primary school teachers."

"The staff have been a breath of fresh air to work with and have not only made the experience enjoyable for the chldren, but also enjoyable for the adults."

2017-18 is the thirteenth year of the Apollo Schools’ Project in primary and special schools in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Islington, Camden and Haringey.

This innovative and enjoyable interactive programme is designed to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra, the musicians who play them and the music they play.

The programme focuses on developing listening skills, enabling the children to discover for themselves how to listen to and enjoy classical music, using their own imagination and experiences to enter a new world of sound, stories and feelings. It is designed as a progressive series of classroom sessions, an orchestra workshop and a Schools' Concert.